Cassy Marks Our Hearts are Broken

Updated 05/31/2015 1:00 p.m.  #cassymarks

Our hearts are broken over the loss of Cassy Marks.  Cassy left this earth suddenly in the early morning of Monday 05/18/2015.   For unexplained reasons, her car left highway 49 near her home south of El Dorado, CA and she was killed by the impact.  Cassy’s “adoptive” family (Ron and Melanie Neilsen, ) are raising money to help pay for her funeral expenses. Their son, Dakota Neilsen and Cassy were long-time partners and had plans to be married one day.

Cassy Marks

Cassy Marks


Cassy’s family has planned  her memorial service for June 14, 2015 at 12:00 noon at the El Dorado Town Hall.  We hope you all will join us in memorializing Cassy.  This is a large venue that will accommodate friends, family and co-workers.








No one expects to lose their 19-year old child, especially so suddenly and tragically.

If you can help in any way, please go to this GoFundMe site.

If you would prefer to use PayPal to donate, use the site

We are doing very good with fundraising.  Although not enough to cover funeral expenses, there is enough to cover the planned memorial service.  A big Thank You to everyone for their generosity and prayers!

Here is a link to the new Facebook page you can visit to share your thoughts and memories about Cassy.

Problem with neglected long haired dogs.

dog grooming f👍or pups in need.

Dog Missing in Arizona Ends Up in Folsom — FOX40

FOLSOM — A dog that went missing in Quartzsite, Arizona, was found in Folsom, California, nearly a month later. According to animal control officials, Sheva was involved in an automobile accident in early November near Quartzsite. “At the time of the accident, she ran off into the desert and her owners spent some time looking for…

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Increase Adoptions with Better Animal Bios — Animal Welfare Guardian

Animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses – are taken in by animal shelters and rescues every day. Often times they come from unfortunate situations. Sometimes they come from amazing homes and families but uncontrollable circumstances arise forcing the family to give the animal up. No matter what their history consists of – they are […]

via Increase Adoptions with Better Animal Bios — Animal Welfare Guardian

Shane’s War Information Sheet

By Diane Robertson

Date:  08/12/2013  Last Updated:  06/14/2016

Shane’s War

Information Sheet

I thought this list of public information would be helpful for those of us that are new to Shane’s War.  I will continue updating this list as more material is created or located.  Feel free to provide information to add to this list via the comment section at the bottom of this post.



Online Presence



Press Coverage

Blountville, TN – June 2016 | 06/08/2016 | Article “Animal Shelter goes one year without euthanizing, prepares for another year

Downey, CA – April 2016 | 04/30/2016 | Article “Empty the Shelter Adoption:  Help 16-year-old Missey”

California City – April 2015 | 04/27/2015 | Article “No paws left behind at California shelter for Shane’s War adoption event

Gurdon Arkansas – June 2014

The Gurdon Times | 06/13/2014 | Article “Dogs at Shelter Receive Pardon”

YouTube Video City of Gurdon Pardon with Shane Smith

Coachella Valley Animal Campus – May 2014

Coachella Valley Weekly | 05/14/2014 | Article “Shane’s War Comes to Coachella Valley”

San Bernardino City Animal Shelter – February 2014

Selma Alabama – Central Alabama Animal Shelter – August 2013

July 2013 and Prior


Pardon Information

What is a Shane’s War PARDON?  It is a week-long and sometimes longer Adoption event where we ask the Government , the Police , the Media and the citizens to all put their differences aside for the animals.  The word Pardon does not imply the animals did anything wrong; it is simply our attempt to save them from certain Death.  After the pardons end, we stay in touch with the citizens in these towns to help network the animals.

When we came up with the Pardon idea, we had no idea if it would work or not.  We have had people who were long time enemies working together for some of these.  As long as they are in need, we will try to help.  When we go to a shelter for the first time, we visit every animal. We love them all, we travel under no banner of any national group, we are just Citizens helping the animals, our partners are different everywhere we go.   Do we offer training to staff at shelters? No.  If we see common sense things that will help, of course we speak up.  Our mission is to get animals out of harms way, any citizen is welcome to sign the pardon in a town we are in (Shane).

The following pardons have been completed and more are lined up:

  • DowneyPardon | Downey, CA | April-May 2016
  • GurdonPardon |Gurdon, Arkansas | March-April 2016
  • California City Pardon | California City, CA | April – May 2015

March 2015 – Paws for Hope and Faith becomes 501 (c) 3 non-profit

  • Jones County and Monroe County Georgia – simultaneous Pardons | July 2014
  • #GurdonPardon | Gurdon, Arkansas | June 2014
  • #CVACPardon | The Coachella Valley Animal Campus Pardon | May 2014
  • #SelmaPardon | Selma, Alabama | August 2013
  • #ButlerPardon |Butler Alabama | August 2013
  • #ManateeCountyPardon |Manatee County Animal Services and Palmetto|Florida | April 2013
  • #JonesCountyPardon |Jones County Animal Control | Georgia |February 2013
  • #TerrellPardon |Terrell County Animal Control |Georgia |June 2012
  • #MaconBibbPardon |Macon City -Bibb County Animal Control| Macon, Georgia | January 2013
  • #MaconPardon | Macon City Animal Control  |Macon, Georgia| May 2012
  • #MaconPardon | Macon City Animal Control | Macon, Georgia | November 2011

Gates of Heaven

Searching for a Jawline

Gates of HeavenOne of the summers I worked at camp I had a camper ask me if I thought people’s pets went to heaven. It was a serious question. He asked me at a time when no one else was around. He looked me in the eye and almost whispered it. I told him I didn’t know and asked what he thought. He told me that he thought they did. He told me if heaven was perfect then there was no way his dog wouldn’t be there as he loved his dog. It didn’t make sense for his dog not to be there. I told him that sounded good to me and that I agreed.

Gates of Heaven is an entire movie of people talking about dead pets. I’ve watched it numerous times and have no idea whether it is a comedy, drama, or something else entirely. What I do know is…

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Dog Who Lost Leg In Shooting Now Up For Adoption

Women in Testing Website is Live! | The Testers Edge

A little off-topic but thought I would share anyway.


Women in Testing Website is Live! | The Testers Edge.

Why Connecting with Your Audience is an Important

Really good article for new artists.


Why Connecting with Your Audience is an Important.

How to license art | How to publish art

I found this to be very helpful information for new artists.


How to license art | How to publish art.


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