UC Davis Designated for Ebola Treatment


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“The document is 20 some pages long and growing,” said Chief Nursing Officer Carol Robinson as she describes UC Davis Medical Center’s plan to keep its staff safe. Her facility is one of five designated by the state as treatment centers for any confirmed Ebola patients in California.

Monday FOX40 was again denied access to the isolation area set aside for such patients, but administrators say they might reveal it some time this week.

“We’ve probably changed our policies 16 times in the last three weeks as we learn new things. Give you an example for when you put on the protective gear, if you have shoes that are clogs when you go to take it off, you can actually be exposed because it’s difficult to get your shoe out of the gear,” said Robinson.

A re-evaluation of footwear – one response to a devastating virus that’s created…

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Halloween Safety Tips For Pets


[ooyala code=”l3eHljcTpg4gVmbTXO_90rsN93MOu5nE” player_id=”e94d1153704449a897d545a2af16e53c”]Paul Robins and Luana Munoz find out what you can do to keep your pets safe this Halloween from FOX40 pet expert, Dr. Jyl.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Animals

Animal Welfare Guardian

Halloween is not just the holiday you should worry about keeping your children safe. It is also the holiday to worry about keeping your pets safe too. After all, your pets are part of the family.
Halloween Safety Tips for Pets
1. Treats of Candy: Taking your pet trick or treating with the children is perfectly okay, but feeding them candy is a big, NO! Chocolate can be fatally dangerous to our furry pals. Some candies containing xylitol, which is a natural sugar alcohol, can cause health issues for your pet such as hypoglycemia. Instead, carry small pet treats with you that are safe to give your four-legged pal if they desire a treat.
2. Walk Safety: Trick or treating in the dark can be unsafe. Cars on the road might not be able to see you. The best way to walk safely on a dark road is by placing…

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Nation’s First Cat Cafe Opens in Oakland

City Plans to Move Homeless into Motels, West Sac Development to Move Forward


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Plans for development along the Sacramento River are on hold, because of the people who live on the shore.

The property owners say no plans can more forward until West Sacramento relocates the homeless men and women who gather along the river.

“Sometimes we’re forced to leave our home or we got family problems, or our kids don’t, they don’t care,” Martha Gibson, who is homeless, said.

“(I) ended up broke after paying thousands and thousands of dollars on doctor bills and pharmacies,” Steven Kruz, also homeless, told FOX40. “It’s no life, it’s very hard.”

It’s a sad truth about homelessness that Vietnam War Veteran Kruz says he’s been living for 17 years, in West Sacramento’s north levee area next to the Broderick boat ramp.

Hundreds have joined in during his time.

This rough road of homelessness with no defined destination, may soon come to an…

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