10 Ways to Defeat Blood Sucking Vampires

Very good article with wisdom to keep in the forefront of our minds as we move through our work day.

10 Ways to Defeat Blood Sucking Vampires.

Find your spark…set it on fire

This is a re-blog…Find your spark…set it on fire.

Good Customer Service for Animal Rescue Organizations

By Diane Robertson

I reblogged the full customer service article from Maddie’s Fund a little while back.  However, this is such an important subject, I wanted to quote from that article again. 

  • The first step in good customer service is to capitalize on the public’s enthusiasm for adopting by responding right away when initial contact is made.
    • Respond to email within 24 hours
    • Have someone available to answer the phone during business hours.
  • The second step is to make a potential adopter’s experience positive and helpful. Provide the kind of positive experience that helps compel potential adopters to take home a pet.

Warm, friendly, “live” interaction goes a long way to getting adopters in the door – and out the door with a new pet! Organizations that can build and train a welcoming staff and volunteer force that create receptive and responsive relationships with the community will see animals move more quickly through their facility, and word will get out that you have a top-notch operation.

10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully

10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully.

Help for Blabbermouths

Leadership Freak

Raise your hand if you have a boss who talks too much. Blabbermouth bosses exasperate everyone.

Raise your hand if you’re a boss. I bet you talk too much, too. As a general rule…

Leaders talk too much and listen too little.

Blabbermouth bosses talk too much because they:

  1. Don’t want others to talk.
  2. Believe they are “all that.” You can’t silence self-important prima donnas.
  3. Feel strongly. Passion drives verbosity.
  4. Love power and control. Research shows the powerful talk more than others.
  5. Know too much. Why listen when you already know? The gift of wisdom drops like pearls from their lips.
  6. Don’t care about others.
  7. Feel fear. Doctors know talkative patients are nervous, for example.

Bonus: Weak leaders talk too much when trying to convince skeptics.

Tips for Blabbermouths:


Forget about active listening. It’s beyond you. Just shut up.

Master silent listening before
attempting active listening.



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10 Ways to Standing Up for Your Great Idea

Brief, bulleted type article that gives some sound advice on putting forth ideas in your organization.

Too Afraid to Matter

Some of the advice in this article can “get you in trouble” so be prepared to stand out and fight for right!

Too Afraid to Matter

Fear cheers for the status quo! Love that.

Leadership Freak


Image source

Fear binds to the present.

Paralyzing fear pats you on the back when nothing changes.

Fear cheers for the status quo.

Fear says; don’t stand out because you’ll:

  1. Look foolish.
  2. Screw up. (You will)
  3. Get in over your head.
  4. Lose what you have.
  5. Seem arrogant. Others aren’t standing out. What gives you the right to think you can?

Fear of loss and criticism prevents you from doing what matters.

How to matter most:

Forget and shift:

  1. Forget about being in charge. Stop thinking leadership is authority, power, command and control. Shift to serving. Bring benefit. What’s the good thing you can do for others?
  2. Forget about final results. Focus on the path forward. Meaningful results never happen all at once. How can you make a difference today?
  3. Forget about one. Think two. An ancient proverb says, “Two are better than one because they have a good…

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The Art of Scolding and Smiling

Information about managing difficult people.

How to Bring Out the Best

A very brief outline of how to bring out the best in your staff.


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