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What is a special needs trust? Do I need it?

What is a special needs trust? Do I need it?.

Kitten Found Burned, Smelling of Gasoline Recovering

Rim Fire Jumps Thousands of Acres Overnight

Auto Museum Throwing Fundraiser for City Animal Shelter

A 4am Alarm Clock…

Cute…Anyone who owns at cat can relate to this.  A 4am Alarm Clock….

A look back – Daisy’s everywhere!

Nice story of progress with a shy, unsocialized dog and of course love:  A look back – Daisy’s everywhere!.

A Story of Hope

Story as Told By Shane Smith

Edited by Diane Robertson

We found Hope July 7, 2011

Janet and Shane Smith arrived at their local animal shelter in Georgia and came across a horribly abused dog.  Abusers had almost decapitated her by tying a cable around her neck.   Shane and Janet immediately felt this precious dog was very special.  Shane felt they had to get help for this dog right away.  He could not leave the shelter without her.  With Janet’s help, permission to take the dog was gained and they whisked her away to a local veterinarian.  Hope was named on the way to the vet as Shane and Janet fell in love with the life struggling before them.

Hope’s journey of discovering love started that day, July 7, 2011.  Unfortunately, there was no quick fix that could save Hope’s life.  She battled for her life day-to-day, sometimes having good days and sometimes having bad days filled with pain and weakness.  Through it all, precious Hope knew the love of Shane and Janet and all the others around her.

On the morning of July 26, 2011, Shane and Janet visited Hope as usual.  Shane recalls that Hope appeared to be peaceful, happy and even playful at times.  He initially thought she was telling him that she was okay.  Shane says, “Now I know what she was really saying to me.  Her message had been delivered and she could now rest in peace.”

Hope spent 19 days swathed in love and caring before succumbing to her injuries and passing away. Shane’s mission in life became very clear to him during her struggle and after her passing.

The horrible abuse Hope suffered, and her lost fight for her life, continues to inspire not only Shane and Janet but also people from all over the world.


All God’s creatures should be recognized, loved and honored.

Shane promised Hope that her life and message would be heard and other animals would be saved from similar fates by her story.  It was from this promise and the inspiration received from Hope that the organization named Paws for Hope and Faith was formed.

It is now up to the community inspired by Hope’s story to tell her story so others too can be touched by it and inspired to realize that all of God’s creatures should be recognized, loved and honored.

Paws for Hope and Faith invites governments across the globe to become involved in their peaceful mission to recognize, love and honor all God’s creatures.

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Become an Animal Shelter Volunteer

A fairly thorough listing of what you can do to help not only animal shelters but at your local rescue groups:  Become an Animal Shelter Volunteer.

Infographic: Senior Pets

Senior Cat Information you will find helpful

Tails from the Street

Did you know August is Senior Pet Month?  Senior pets are wonderful companions, especially if you are looking for a quiet, mellow friend.  With two 18-year-old cats, you can guess how I feel about senior pets. But did you realize that cats and dogs are considered “senior” at just 7 years? Do you know how hard it is for shelters to adopt out animals that are 6 years or older? I love senior pets, they have so much love to give and so much life, without the rambunctious energy of a kitten or puppy. Check out this fascinating info graphic on senior pets, then check back for a blog post on the benefits of senior pets. (and P.S. taking bets on if Muffin can match Creme Puff’s record 37 years)



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