Maddie’s Fund – Shelter Designs for Cats

In a perfect world or when opening a new facility, this is a must read!  Maddie’s Fund – Shelter Designs for Cats.

Chaching! 360+ Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

This article has a link to a video and related articles if you are interested in the details of the story…Chaching! 360+ Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring.

Central Alabama Animal Shelter Available Dogs

Please visit Shane’s War and Hope on Facebook to learn more about the incredible work being done by Shane Smith and company.

#SelmaPardon #ShanesWar This is a clip of the dogs still available at the shelter. Shane’s War is currently conducting a “Pardon” to save every animal in the shelter.

Save the Shelter Animals

YOU should take the time to watch and listen to this video. Are you a Bon Jovi Fan? YOU should listen to and watch this video.

Maddie’s Fund – Family Fun: Projects for Kids and Adults to Help Shelter Pets

This made me think how great it would be if we had someone who could and would go to local schools and give presentations, speeches, do projects or whatever about Spay and Neuter, Feral Cats, the plight of Homeless Pets and encourage kids to do special projects and birthday stuff at AO or their local shelter.  Any teachers out there with ideas on what we could do?

Maddie’s Fund – Family Fun: Projects for Kids and Adults to Help Shelter Pets.

Stop the Killing

By Diane Robertson
 In 2012 alone, at one shelter in California (San Bernadino City Animal Shelter), 10,000 animals were killed or died at the shelter.
  • Please adopt from local rescue groups so we can continue to save animals from this and many, many, many other animal shelters across the state.
  • Please spay or neuter your pets to reduce the unwanted and homeless pets in our shelters being murdered everyday.
  • Please vaccinate the pets you do have to keep them healthy.

Please stop the killing.  It’s up to each of us to do our part to stop the killing.

You can also foster animals from your local shelter or rescue group.

You can also volunteer at your local shelter or rescue group.

You can also donate to your local shelter or rescue group.

A look back – Daisy’s everywhere!

Nice story of progress with a shy, unsocialized dog and of course love:  A look back – Daisy’s everywhere!.

A Story of Hope

Story as Told By Shane Smith

Edited by Diane Robertson

We found Hope July 7, 2011

Janet and Shane Smith arrived at their local animal shelter in Georgia and came across a horribly abused dog.  Abusers had almost decapitated her by tying a cable around her neck.   Shane and Janet immediately felt this precious dog was very special.  Shane felt they had to get help for this dog right away.  He could not leave the shelter without her.  With Janet’s help, permission to take the dog was gained and they whisked her away to a local veterinarian.  Hope was named on the way to the vet as Shane and Janet fell in love with the life struggling before them.

Hope’s journey of discovering love started that day, July 7, 2011.  Unfortunately, there was no quick fix that could save Hope’s life.  She battled for her life day-to-day, sometimes having good days and sometimes having bad days filled with pain and weakness.  Through it all, precious Hope knew the love of Shane and Janet and all the others around her.

On the morning of July 26, 2011, Shane and Janet visited Hope as usual.  Shane recalls that Hope appeared to be peaceful, happy and even playful at times.  He initially thought she was telling him that she was okay.  Shane says, “Now I know what she was really saying to me.  Her message had been delivered and she could now rest in peace.”

Hope spent 19 days swathed in love and caring before succumbing to her injuries and passing away. Shane’s mission in life became very clear to him during her struggle and after her passing.

The horrible abuse Hope suffered, and her lost fight for her life, continues to inspire not only Shane and Janet but also people from all over the world.


All God’s creatures should be recognized, loved and honored.

Shane promised Hope that her life and message would be heard and other animals would be saved from similar fates by her story.  It was from this promise and the inspiration received from Hope that the organization named Paws for Hope and Faith was formed.

It is now up to the community inspired by Hope’s story to tell her story so others too can be touched by it and inspired to realize that all of God’s creatures should be recognized, loved and honored.

Paws for Hope and Faith invites governments across the globe to become involved in their peaceful mission to recognize, love and honor all God’s creatures.

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Snoop Dogg puts money forward to end shelter euthanasia

I love this guy!  Snoop Dogg puts money forward to end shelter euthanasia.

Shane’s War Information Sheet

By Diane Robertson

Date:  08/12/2013  Last Updated:  12/02/2013

Shane’s War

Information Sheet

I thought this list of public information would be helpful for those of us that are new to Shane’s War.  I will continue updating this list as more material is created or located.  Feel free to provide information to add to this list via the comment section at the bottom of this post.



  • City of San Bernardino Animal Shelter Pardon #SBCPardon scheduled for February 4, 2013.  I will update this blog post with additional information as it becomes available.

Online Presence


Press Coverage

Selma Alabama – Central Alabama Animal Shelter – August 2013

July 2013 and Prior


Pardon Information

What is a Shane’s War PARDON?  It is a week-long and sometimes longer Adoption event where we ask the Government , the Police , the Media and the citizens to all put their differences aside for the animals.  The word Pardon does not imply the animals did anything wrong; it is simply our attempt to save them from certain Death.  After the pardons end, we stay in touch with the citizens in these towns to help network the animals.

When we came up with the Pardon idea, we had no idea if it would work or not.  We have had people who were long time enemies working together for some of these.  As long as they are in need, we will try to help.  When we go to a shelter for the first time, we visit every animal. We love them all, we travel under no banner of any national group, we are just Citizens helping the animals, our partners are different everywhere we go.   Do we offer training to staff at shelters? No.  If we see common sense things that will help, of course we speak up.  Our mission is to get animals out of harms way, any citizen is welcome to sign the pardon in a town we are in (Shane).

The following pardons have been completed and more are lined up:

  • #SelmaPardon | Selma, Alabama | August 20, 2013
  • #ButlerPardon |Butler Alabama | August 2013
  • #ManateeCountyPardon |Manatee County Animal Services and Palmetto|Florida | April 2013
  • #JonesCountyPardon |Jones County Animal Control | Georgia |February 2013
  • #TerrellPardon |Terrell County Animal Control |Georgia |June 2012
  • #MaconBibbPardon |Macon City -Bibb County Animal Control| Macon, Georgia | January 2013
  • #MaconPardon | Macon City Animal Control  |Macon, Georgia| May 2012
  • #MaconPardon | Macon City Animal Control | Macon, Georgia | November 2011

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